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A moving company in Montreal can act in any shape or size, and choosing a Montreal mover you feel confident about is essential and crucial. In order to find the best Montreal Moving Company for your easy or complex job, make sure to contact at least 5 Moving companies in Montreal for best rates, quotations and prices.

To verify the legitimacy of a mover in Montreal, check first of all  if the Moving Company is licensed with Commission des Transports du Quebec, Societe de l Assurance Automobile du Quebec, carry cargo and damage insurance and can provide references of at least from 2 clients they moved in the past few months. Most important, over the phone or in person, make sure you feel confident and comfortable when hiring the best Montreal moving Company.


Before choosing your moving company in Montreal, make sure to ask them the following questions:


  •   What is the minimum hours to be charged for the entire move?
  •   What kind of truck the Company has in its fleet to accommodate the entire move?
  •   Payment method cash, debit, credit or cheque?
  •   A contract will be signed between the Client and The Moving Company, will be there a deposit?
  •   Does the moving Company charge the travel time or transportation fee?
  •   Ask if the Moving Company provides free the protective material like the blankets, mattress bags, shrink rap, wardrobe boxes?
  •   How much the Company is charging for extra heavy items, or hoisting through the window or balcony?

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